Halloween Brings out Clowns, Zombies and Superheros in Waukesha

CBS 58—Kids in Waukesha hit the streets to trick or treat from 5 to 7.

For some Halloween is the holiday of the year.

“If you come past our house at Christmas time, you get a Charlie brown tree in the window and that's it,” said Joanne Furmack.

“I never work on Halloween,” added Ron Furmack, Joanne’s husband.

Ron Furmack uses that day off to get in to character.

“Make up was about half an hour,” Ron said. “And the costume took about an hour and a half to design and build.”

The kids of course got in to the costumes as well.

“I’m a killer clown and I did it because it was going viral and I thought it'd be cool,” said 9-year-old Alex Katravas.

Mom was a little more skeptical.

“I was a little nervous, I must say,” said Jody Katravas, Alex’s mom.

And while the adults go all out with the decorations, kids have some lofty goals of their own.

“More candy than anyone else in the whole entire world,” said 6-year-old Maddie.

But of course the treat only comes for those who brave the trick.

“We save on candy from all the kids that run off,” Ron joked.

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