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Hales Corners man charged with hate crime after Wisconsin Dells bar fight

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Hales Corners man is charged with a hate crime after a fight at Wisconsin Dells.

Police say Bradley Davis admitted to attacking a man based on his race at a bar.

Davis is accused of punching the man until the victim was unconscious. 

Police say Davis then kicked the man in the face while he was on the floor. 

Davis allegedly told police he feared for his safety and claimed he was the victim of a hate crime.

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StephanieLackasSoressi 147 days ago
What a loser!! He thinks he's better than other people because he's got a white penis? First he picks someone he thinks no one will care about. Then HE plays the victim, lying to police when his family wasn't even there; he fully believed he could play the White Card.

He harasses the guy in front of his daughter, then beats him unconscious, then kicks him in the face while he's down & knocked out!

Bradley Davis has absolutely NO honor whatsoever. We don't want him on our team. Let's take him & anyone like him & trade them in for some more decent people from Mexico!

Give him the entire 11 years he is facing! We need to let these White Whiners know we are DONE with their domestic terrorism.
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