Habitat For Humanity's 'Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative' to expand

NOW: Habitat For Humanity’s ’Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative’ to expand

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity announced it's expanding it's neighborhood revitalization initiative next year.

Since 2013, the organization has been busy transforming the Washington Park neighborhood on the north side of Milwaukee. 

The expansion will focus on the area between North Ave. & Lisbon, in between 25th and 30th St.

The expansion is estimated to take 3 years and cost nine million dollars. 

The initiative focuses not only on homes, but the entire neighborhood. Volunteers have helped install speed bumps, community gardens and renovate recreational places like the Washington Park Pool.

The transformations of the neighborhood are paying off. Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Brian Sonderman said crime has dropped 48 % on the blocks where Habitat has built homes and it's also giving the chance for new homeowners to take control of their neighborhoods.

"In 2013, the home-ownership rate on these two blocks was 30%. Now it's 90%. So, when you see that dramatic of a change, it impacts everything," Sonderman said

"We've seen a dramatic reduction [of crime] in this area, and now we look at this block and you drive up and down it, you say i want see this block replicated in other areas in the city," he continued

Habitat for Humanity plans to expand the neighborhood revitalization initiative to the Harambee neighborhood by 2021.

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