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Gun-deer season gets going across Wisconsin

GENESEE -- A Waukesha County man couldn't pass on an eight-point buck up early Saturday morning on opening day taking it down just after sunrise.

\"It's in the blood of the whole family,\" Pete D'Acquisto said.

That's the case with a lot of Wisconsin families.  Deer hunting is a tradition for thousands.

The Wisconsin DNR sold more than 615,000 licenses so far this year.  They expects to sell more.

D'Acquisto from Genesee shot an eight-point Saturday morning.  He got to his blind at 5:45 a.m. to get settled in.  The conditions weren't the best, with gusty winds.

\"Real windy couldn't hear much, hit my grunt a couple times I heard a grunt back and watched the base of the ridge and about quarter to seven he came jumping by with his nose to the ground.\"

D'Acquisto waited for his chance.

\"He was in some heavy timber,\" he recalls.  \"I was looking for a pocket on him. He was moving pretty good. I saw an opening up ahead, put the gun up there and when he hit that opening I touched one off on it.\"

He hit the deer and it took off.

\"He hit the trail, bolted probably went about 75 yards. I waited about 15 minutes. Went to the spot I shot him and seen good blood. Then I tracked him and found a good blood trail he was slumped over a dead fall.\"

He called a friend to help bring the deer in.  D'Acquisto says he's killed around 30 deer in his career. 

\"It's not one of my bigger ones, a good body on it but it's one of them deals I've been letting a lot of deer go by me the last couple years and wanted some meat.  This one came by and it felt good to take one down.\"

He plans to go back out when his son gets in town in the next few days.  For now, he'll enjoy this one..

\"I'm going to make some good polish sausage, maybe some Hungarian and some hot sticks.\"

Since  it's not one of the biggest he's had so it will not be going up on the wall.

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