Guitars for Vets Hosts Concert at Pabst Brewery, Thursday, November 10th

The 6th annual benefit concert to celebrate our veterans is on November 10th  at "Best Place" at the historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee.

The event run from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. and will feature live music from The Whiskey Belles, The Mission River Band and Kharma Shotgun, as well as the stories of our Veterans and the community that supports them.

All proceed will support our 60+ G4V Chapters around the nation.

Guitar For Vets is a nonprofit organization serving veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. G4V was founded in 2007 in Milwaukee and gives veterans hope through the healing power of music. G4V is currently operating more than 50 chapters in 25 states, with the help of over 200 volunteers nationwide.

G4V provides 10 private guitar lessons for veterans provided by the local community.

Once the program is completed the veterans earn their very own guitar!

Once the program is completed veterans may continue this journey as long as they desire, with ongoing group lessons and jam sessions.

G4V is making the road to recovery easier through the joy of music.

Tickets are $10 if purchases in advance, only $15 at the door.

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On the CBS 58 News at 4, Founder Patrick Nettesheim unveiled a Gibson guitar valued at $4,000 donated by a local woman that will be up for auction.

The interview is attached to this story.

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