Guitars at the Vet: Dr. Noah puts his own riff on pet medicine

Guitars at the Vet: Dr. Noah puts his own riff on pet medicine

There is a vet clinic in Shorewood, north of Milwaukee that is unlike any other.

Dr. Noah Arnold takes good care of his patients, of course, and then the guitar comes out.

"Do you guys want to hear a song?" Dr. Noah asks his patients and their owners.

"I'll often play a song for these guys to just help them get relaxed," said Dr. Noah. "It helps me get relaxed."

He spent years working in typical clinics but he's not your typical vet.

When we visited Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic, he was preparing three dogs and a cat for a full day of teeth cleanings and surgeries. His assistants did the shots, he set the mood.

"These were things I never could do working at a corporate practice," he said, "but I find sitting on the floor playing music for these animals really mellows them out."

He says he's jumped from 200 to 2,000 patients in a year with more every day.

"I think it's really refreshing for people," said Janet Arnold, Dr. Noah's mom and office manager. "I think they sense the fact that he's genuine, that this isn't just a show."

"I had this dream and here it is," said Dr. Noah.

CBS 58 morning anchor Mike Curkov has much more with Dr. Noah this weekend on CBS 58 Sunday Morning beginning at 7 AM.

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