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Guinness ranks number one in Best Beer survey; Miller Lite ranks 350

Guinness ranked number one in a online survey of 3,526 voters for the best beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon ranked 114 and Miller Lite came in at 350th best tasting beer.

Ranker.com, crowdsourced rankings website, asked voters to rank The Best Beers From Around the World.

The poll, which closed voting on June 2, included 386 beers for people to vote on.

The Top 10, as determined by 3,526 voters who cast more than 44,000 votes, are:

1. Guinness

2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

3. Newcastle Brown Ale

4. Stella Artois

5. Blue Moon

6. Fat Tire

7. Sapporo Premium Lager

8. Hoegaarden Witbier

9. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

10. Stone IPA

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