Group from Marquette is Headed to Rural Nicaragua

The group is preparing for their upcoming trip where they will work on a number of projects from everything like sanitation to health care.

A total of 86 people from Marquette will travel to rural parts of Nicaragua including Lindsey Wojciechowski, a local nurse practitioner and wife of Marquette men’s basketball coach Steve Wojciechowski, and Amy Lovell, a former pharmacist who is the wife of Marquette President Michael R. Lovell.

“I’ve been told about 60 patients per day, which for a full day in family practice is about 20 patients per day. So, I anticipate a lot of patients coming through which will be a particular challenge given that it’s in Spanish as well,” says Wojciechowski.

The group will travel to Casa Blanca, Puertas Azules, Cebollal and San Gabriel to provide assistance to nearly 2,000 patients.

Every day the group will provide health care, dentistry, and florid treatments.

The students worked throughout the year on their Spanish.

They will also have an on-hand pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Other public health projects include the construction of cement floors, sanitation stations, and external eco-stoves.

“The majority, if not all of the people here, are doing this because they love the trip and the opportunity,” says Daniel McCloskey, student. “They gave it their all throughout the year to be able to go.”

The group fundraised about $1,500 per person for this trip.

The Global Brigades program was started at Marquette and has now expanded to 475 campuses worldwide. 

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