Greenfield Police Seeking Armed Robber Targeting Elderly Victims

GREENFIELD - –Greenfield Police are seeking the assistance of the community in identifying the below armed robbery suspect. This individual is responsible for an armed robbery (victim 73 years old), strong armed robbery (victim 85 years old), and a theft (victim 82 years old).

According to police, an elderly victim returned home from a grocery store and pulled into her parking garage.

The victim began to remove groceries from the trunk of her vehicle and was approached by the suspect.

The suspect offered to help carry groceries for the victim. In the process of assisting the victim, the suspect stole the victim’s wallet and later used her credit cards.

In another incident, an elderly victim and his wife returned home and drove into the parking garage.

The suspect followed the victim into the parking garage and approached the victim’s vehicle.

The suspect told the victim that he had a gun and that he was to “give him his wallet and watch or he would kill his wife.”

The suspect obtained the victim’s wallet and his wife’s purse. The elderly victim confronted the suspect striking him with his cane in the hand. The suspect pushed the elderly victim to the ground causing minor injuries to the victim.

In the third incident, an elderly victim returned home from bible study and drove into her parking garage.

The suspect approached the victim and asked her for help getting out of the garage. The victim tried to assist the suspect, and that was when the suspect placed a gun in the back of the elderly victim.
The suspect demanded the victim’s purse and threatened to “blow her head off.” The suspect obtained the purse and fled the scene.

The Greenfield Police Department is seeking the assistance of the community in identifying the individual responsible for these incidents. If anyone would have any information in regards to these incidents, they should call the Greenfield Police Department at (414) 761-5301.

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