Greenfield commission denies plan to build affordable housing in city

NOW: Greenfield commission denies plan to build affordable housing in city

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The future of a family staple in Greenfield remains up in the air.

One local developer pushed to build affordable housing on the site of the current River Falls Family Fun Center but not everyone was on board.

“I think the idea a new business is exciting, I just wish it didn’t have to take place of a great, family entertainment area," one Greenfield resident and mother told CBS 58.

Horizon Development Group, Inc. has built in the city before.

And on this land, they saw land fit for 100-units of affordable housing, primarily for seniors.

“The proximity to schools, other civic, the library, you look at the grocery store that’s nearby, the park is an amenity," said Scott Kwiecinski, development manager at Horizon Development Group, Inc.

They wanted the plan commission to change zoning, so the company could apply for state funding credits and the process would continue.

But commission members were split on if housing was the best move.

“I would like to focus on all citizens, than just 100 citizens," member Dave Schilz said.

“In my ideal world, we’d open it up for retail," member Steve Rogers added.

“I think Greenfield has too many apartment buildings," member Christine Hallen said.

The commission denied a land use change, and decided to table a zoning decision.

For those who want to see River Falls stick around, the mayor says show your support.

“If you think it’s important enough for the city then we need to find the resources to continue to make it part of the city," Mayor Michael Neitzke said.

After the meeting, the lead developer for Horizon told me they’re going to take tonight’s feedback and review next steps.

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