Greenfield high school teen set to own local sub shop after owners retire

NOW: Greenfield high school teen set to own local sub shop after owners retire

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Greenfield High School senior will soon go from student to owner.

Josh Bizub, 17, is set take the reigns at Goldcoast Subs after his boss retires.

He's worked there for about three-and-a-half years, and when the chance came to take this place over both he and the owners knew it was the right choice.

"I guess in a way we both have a strong feeling about this, for some reason. I can't really explain why I have that. It became a passion of mine to just be here," said Bizub, who's manager of the Greenfield location.

And while most 17 year olds are focused on graduating, Bizub is ready to become a boss.

"Since day one he's just wanted to learn," Rodney Waters, Goldcoast owner, said.

Bizub takes classes online and, through his school, was able to do an internship.

Waters started the business in 1994.

He and his wife are ready to live new lives.

"It made it even more perfect cause he got more into the mathematics, the accounting, does all the shopping, does all the calling and ordering," Waters said.

While there's always more to learn, Waters explained his young apprentice has "everything down".

The plan is for Bizub to own both locations; the second one is in West Allis.

"It's fun. You know, it's not like working anywhere else where you're tied to exactly one thing all day," Bizub said.

In buying Goldcoast, Bizub will use savings and plans to apply for financing once he turns 18 this Spring.

As for now, he's not heading to college so he can focus on his passion.

"It seems like you're putting in a lot of money to take a long time to get that money back, and make something of yourself, whereas this is -- I can put some money into it and be making my money back right away and have something I truly enjoy doing," Bizub said.

Bizub graduates this year and if all goes as planned he'll become owner by the Fall.

The Greenfield location is open Tuesday through Saturday, and the West Allis location is open Wednesday through Saturday.

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