Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camp arrived at Dousman Elementary School

On NFL Draft Day, the Green Bay Packers don't forget about their youngest fans.

The team brought its traveling Youth Football Camp to Dousman Elementary School.

The kids certainly seemed pumped yelling \"Go Pack Go!\"

They see it as fun. Organizers see it as a way to keep our young people in shape.

\"The kids love to get outside and get active here. Our Fuel Up to Play 60 program here at the school, our motto is eat healthy and get active for 60 minutes make a difference. And these kids all love to live by that,\" explained Jake Burac from Dousman Elementary.

The camp part of the larger NFL Play 60 program. The football inspired activities are a collection of obstacle courses and challenges aimed at  fortifying a competitive spirit  with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.

\"From our standpoint, the game of football is the safest it's ever been at the youth level,\" Packers Youth Football Coordinator Tim Schroeder told CBS 58 News. \"To have this equipment, bring it out to the kids, probably equipment their schools don't have.\"

In a welcoming environment, no matter what skill level, each child is encouraged to press their usual pace  and find personal victory in merely getting in the game.

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