Green Bay Packers training camp kicks off

NOW: Green Bay Packers training camp kicks off

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Green Bay Packers training camp 2021 is open! There are a lot of changes in 2021 but one of them is not Aaron Rodgers. Practice Wednesday, July 28, is the start of four straight days of open practice at Ray Nitschke Field, and No. 12 was back where he belongs. 

Fans were certainly happy to see Rodgers at training camp, the Packers are too. Before practice, we heard from Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst and Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur. The conclusion of this drama with their star QB was top of mind. 

"Get him back to playing and ready to compete for a championship in 2021, that was the resolution. We're working through some things still to get to that point but there was a lot of communication between Aaron and his reps all summer," said Gutekunst. 

"You always plan for either scenario because, quite frankly, we were very unsure. So, you have to have plans for whatever would happen. I'm just really happy that he's back in the building, he's a part of this football team because with him we feel like the sky's the limit," LaFleur said.

Fans had other thoughts on the quarterback's appearance.

"He looks very good," fan Edward McKee said. "Get rid of the California hair though. And the man bun."

This year, due to COVID-19, players weren't able to ride kids' bikes to practice. Instead, they used team bikes to continue the tradition and interact with fans. They had to remain 20 feet apart. Fans had to answer questions about their health when entering the practice viewing area. The team is asking fans who are not vaccinated to wear masks, but there is no proof required.

At Nitschke Field, fans also had to verbally consent to being healthy before they could grab a seat inside to watch practice. Still, fans came out to support their team. They say they’re excited to see the players and even after all the drama they’re excited to see Aaron Rodgers.

Following practice, Rodgers had many positive things about the team and Green Bay. Hear what he had to say: 

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