Green Bay Packers fans reflect on loss of Super Bowl dreams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The tough loss has many Green Bay Packers fans feeling a bit down Monday for a number of reasons. Over at local radio station 95.3 "The Game", a therapy session was underway.

Just about everyone said they were down about this loss. One man even said he didn't want to talk, because he was afraid he might cry. 

Ted Davis, host of The Game, knows all too well about the need to vent it out.

"People are emotionally invested in their teams, as they should be," Davis said. "And when you have a game where you can’t point to any one thing that went wrong, it’s like a lot of things that went wrong, I refer to it on the air as a 'big ball of crap.' That’s what happened yesterday."

Davis and Bob Brainerd are hosts of the show The Crossover on The Game. Monday was another day filled with sports for them, but also a sort of therapy for callers who needed to get things off their chest from Sunday's game. 

Calls came in from all parts in and around Milwaukee. Fans expressed their disappointment, and as if to add salt to injury, adding that it was a loss against Tom Brady. But, they also had a message for listeners who were finding it tough to let things go.

"Win or lose, you have to get over it. Even if you win the Super Bowl, you can only enjoy it for so long, then you have to move on," Brainerd said. "You have to get ready for the next season. This all turns around so quickly."

“After a tough 2020 for a lot of people and seeing the Packers get to the Super Bowl, just getting there would be awesome because I think the last 10 years we’ve lost three or four NFC Championships,” says Kyle Buzzard. “So obviously not happy.”

“You go through various stages of grief and I think right now people are at about stage 3 out of the 5. I think there’s a lot of anger and then you get to acceptance, I don’t think they’re there yet,” says Davis.

“People are upset and they’re upset over a number of reasons. That’s the thing, it didn’t come to just one thing, one bad call, one bad play call,” says Brainerd. “It was so many things.”

“There were a couple of missed opportunities on offense. Lots of passes that Devonte Adams has been able to catch in previous games that we weren’t able to get into the end zone this time,” says Brendan Anderson.

Hosts of the show also had a message for fans as a way to move forward.

“This is sports,” says Brainerd. “This is entertainment. Yeah, it hurts because the Packers are like religion in this state, but there’s a lot going on.”

“The sun will come up tomorrow,” says Davis. “You’ll have another season.”

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