Greater Milwaukee Foundation celebrating 100 years with free gifts to the community

For several months now, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation has been offering free gifts to the community.

In  the past, it's been free admission to the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Domes. 

On Tuesday, April 28th, it was free rides on Milwaukee and Waukesha County transit buses as well as the shared ride services in Washington and Ozaukee Counties.  

Part of the mission of the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. is to devote extra time to stories and issues that shape our community.

On Tuesday, April 28th the foundation's Marketing and Communication Manager, Jeremy Podolski, was the special live guest.

\"We really wanted to foster a familiarity with the transportation options that are in this region,\" Podolski told CBS 58's Michele McCormack.

\"It will benefit frequent riders but will also introduce people to something new.\"

When it comes to offering the gifts and making them a special day, an event, Podolski says it just follows the belief that the more people experience things together, the more it builds a sense of community.

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation was one of the first every community foundations.

The idea was that people would come together and pool their resources.

\"They'd be able to do greater good combined than they would individually,\" explained Podolski.

Donors range from the Lindsay family, third generation Scottish Americans following a family tradition of giving to the parents of  Justin Phillip Meyer of Greenfield who give in his memory. Donors also include big names from legendary baseball player Hank Aarron to the well known locally based Bucyrus Corporation.

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