Grant accepted to beautify Milwaukee parks with hundreds of trees

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Common Council has passed a resolution to accept a tree planting grant as part of a partnership with MKE Plays.

The grant will fund tree planting at all MKE Plays reconstruction sites and future reconstruction sites.

The goal of the tree planting is to increase tree canopy, provide storm water retention, and generally enhance the city's parks. 

Alderman Murphy is the main sponsor of legislation that created MKE Plays, a program that improves the City’s most deteriorated parks

“I am excited about the acceptance and funding of this grant, the addition of 800 trees to the MKE plays future and current reconstruction sites will help revitalize the City’s parks,” said Alderman Murphy.

Milwaukee Forestry received a grant from the USDA Forest Service, Milwaukee’s Green Playgrounds, to plant 800 trees at MKE Plays sites over a two-year period between 2018 and 2019.

There is currently an implementation plan set for 2018 that will involve planting approximately 300 trees this year at 14 different sites. The 2019 plan has yet to be developed and will be discussed this winter.

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