Grandma's House Makes World Premiere in Milwaukee

Complete with a red carpet and flashing cameras, a piece of Hollywood made its way to Milwaukee Saturday night for the world premier of 'Grandma's House'. 

Director Kimberly Zulkowski is from Milwaukee, where the movie takes place.

It tells the story of a Margie Ree Harris, a Milwaukee Grandmother who generously sheltered foster kids on the city's north-side.

Harris is Zulkowski's grandmother, and the inspiration behind the movie.

     "I want something positive to come out of Milwaukee," she says. 

The role is played by actress Loretta Devine, who joined Coco Jones and other stars on the red carpet.

     "We need more films about family, and this is definitely one I think people will be riveted and amazed by," she says. "She tells an incredible story, and people will be moved by it." 

Zulkowski is the co-owner of Harmony Social Services, which helps foster kids in Milwaukee.

She decided to have the premier here, instead of Hollywood, to allow over 70 foster kids to share in the experience. 

     "I wanted them to be able to come and experience our red carpet event, to come and experience a taste of Hollywood, and let them know that this was their movie, that this was Milwaukee's movie." 

Coco Jones was more than happy to travel to Wisconsin for the premier.

     "This is Kim's story, this is her baby, so being able to show her hometown is amazing," she says.

The movie is set to hit AMC Theatres nationwide in late April. 

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