Grafton couple gets funny wedding RSVP from strangers

GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A couple from Grafton received a funny wedding RSVP from a pair of strangers. 

The happy couple, Jason and Jules, said they sent out a wedding invitation to someone who recently sold their house. The new owners decided to send back the invitation with a hilarious new card attached.

The front of the card said, "Congratulations... on what I'm not sure." 

Some detective work was done, and the stranger couple attempted to crack the code of the invite without opening the card. 

What happened is the happy couple getting married sent the invite to friends that had just sold their house, and the new owners decided to send back the fun response. 

"Stamp implies joyous occasion," the card read in part inside along with, "Please don't be blazing mad at [the actual invite recipients] for not RSVPing on time."

Here's a look at the letter shared back with the engaged couple: 

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