Governor Walker Signs Drone Privacy Bill

MADISON -- State Representative Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) says people should feel like they have more privacy after a bill he co-sponsored was signed into law Tuesday.

\"Strangers just can't go up to your kitchen window, or bathroom window, or kitchen window with a drone station it outside that window and find out what you're doing.\" Kessler said.

The newly signed law now guarantees people in Wisconsin that right to privacy.

But once you step outside your home into public, a drone with a camera on it could still end up recording you.

\"People were like oh what if we want to use drones instead of blimps at packer games, well that's completely fine under the bill.\" said State Representative and bill co-sponsor Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva).

Two co-sponsors of this bill say Wisconsin is getting out ahead of future privacy issues that could come up from people using drones...

\"A person's personal privacy is important, and we didn't want that infringed.\" said Kessler.

This law will also limit how police can use drones, requiring a warrant before they can use a drone to record audio or video as evidence in a criminal investigation.

It also stops police from putting any type of weapon on a drone.

\"We certainly don't want to see the militarization of our police forces with weaponized drones like that.\" said August.

Under this law police will be able to use drones without a warrant during certain emergencies. Like searching for a missing child during an amber alert, or tracking down an escaped prisoner.


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