Governor Walker responds to Voter Id Law

MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker tells us today that the new Voter ID Law will be 'no problem' for Wisconsin Voters.

The law was dead in the water back in April when a US District Judge said it put an undue burden on poor communities but an appeals court re-instated it leaving Governor Walker happy about the outcome.

Many like Walker felt the law would reduce voter fraud. Walker says a free ID program will make it easy for anyone to get an ID, even those who don't have one.

\"We already have a process in place that we started three years ago, to provide photo ID's, either state issued ID cards or drivers license for free upon request.

While Mary Burke's camp felt differently saying, \"Mary Burke believes that every eligible voter who wants to cast a ballot should have the freedom to do so without undue burdens like photo ID.\"

JB Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General wants the law in effect by November elections.

Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General says, \"If you look into the short order of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals they said the District Court had thrown out the Voter ID law even though the law was materially identical to that of Indiana that had been upheld by the US Supreme Court, that is a tremendously powerful and strong statement.\"

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