Governor Walker kicks off bus tour in West Allis

Candidates on the November 4th ballot are using these last few days to encourage voters to hit the polls.

Governor Scott Walker kicked off his 10-day bus tour in West Allis Saturday morning. He plans to visit voters in several cities throughout the state before the election.

"If they love the fact that the we have a balanced budget, then they need to go out and vote. That's why we are here on this bus tour," said Walker.

The race for governor remains a close one. In the latest Marquette poll published last week, Mary Burke and Governor Scott Walker each have 47 percent of the votes.

"They (Republicans) want to take things over in Wisconsin. They don't like the fact that we took the power away from the special interest groups and put in the tax payers. This really boils down to a race between Washington and Wisconsin. My hope is the in the end Wisconsin will win," said Walker.

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