Governor Walker is in Favor of Senate Overturning Drug Testing Regulations

Governor Scott Walker issued a statement urging members of the Senate to pass a resolution that overturns a Labor Department rule establishing when states could require drug testing for unemployment insurance.

The United States Senate is expected to discuss the resolution on Tuesday.

The House voted 236-189 on February 15 to overturn the rule.

According to AP, Wisconsin is among the states that have passed laws seeking to expand drug testing in their unemployment insurance programs. But they needed the Labor Department's guidance on which applicants, based on their occupation, could be tested. Democratic lawmakers in February said expanding drug testing beyond the categories in the Obama administration's rule is designed to embarrass laid-off workers and deter them from seeking benefits.

Walker issued this statement: “I urge members of the United States Senate to pass House Joint Resolution 42 and grant states greater flexibility in administering unemployment insurance benefits. Here in Wisconsin, we want everyone who wants a job to find a job. We frequently hear from employers that they have available jobs but need their workers to be drug-free. That’s why we want to expand drug testing for those seeking public assistance. This is not an effort to prevent people from finding work. In fact, it works to remove barriers to employment. If someone fails a drug test, we will provide treatment to get them healthy and back into the workforce. We believe public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock, and House Joint Resolution 42 will empower the people of our state to move from government dependence to true independence by helping them obtain and thrive in a family-supporting career.”

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