Governor Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

Governor Walker endorsed Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential candidate on Tuesday.

Walker endorsed Cruz on 620 WTMJ Radio on Tuesday morning.

All of the candidates were campaigning in the state on Tuesday ahead of the presidential  preference vote on April 5.

“I fundamentally believe he is a constitutional conservative. He is not afraid to take on the big special interests.  If you look at the numbers he could win the nomination of the Republican Party and take on and defeat Hillary,” said Governor Walker.

Walker said he wanted to make sure he was for someone and not against someone.

"He sticks to his guns," said Walker. "As a son of a minister your taught to be decent."

Walker said he will be campaigning for Cruz up until next Monday. 

Tuesday night the GOP Town Hall will happen in downtown Milwaukee at the Riverside Theater.

Donald Trump currently has 740 delegates and Ted Cruz has 462 delegates. 

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