Gov. Walker signs bill giving $100 million in property tax relief

Burlington -- Republicans say it's a victory for taxpayers.  Democrats say it's a political ploy.  Either way you look at it, Governor Scott Walker signed off on $100 million in property tax relief in Burlington Sunday.

\"Because the economy is better,\" Gov. Scott Walker said Sunday, \"We're creating more jobs in the state and because we've been good stewards of the taxpayers money, today we're able to sign into law $100 million dollars of property tax relief for the hardworking taxpayers of this state.\"

It will reduce the typical homeowner's tax bill by about 13 dollars this year, and 20 dollars next year.

\"Provide the third consecutive year that property taxes have actually gone down in Wisconsin on a median valued home.\"

State senator Chris Larson voted for the measure but says it's a political game.

\"Buck oh five,\" Larson said.  \"That's it.\"

He says the average taxpayer will feel little relief.

\"Average homeowner will be able to buy a burrito from Taco Bell once a month with the dollar you're going to get. Buck oh five. That's it.\"

Larson thinks the governor wanted to draw attention away from Mary Burke - who recently announced plans to challenge Walker.

\"It's unfortunate that Republicans are doing a property tax cut for the sake of politics,\" Larson said.  \"At a time where schools continue to be underfunded. I think most people as they're sending their kids back to crowded classrooms where they're not getting a quality education would rather have the money invested there.\"

Walker says his administration isn't done cutting taxes either.

\"My contention is every year I'm in office, we're going to lower taxes in the state of Wisconsin.\"

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