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Gov. Evers releases best practices, safety guidelines for businesses as they reopen amid pandemic

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Gov. Tony Evers announced Friday, May 8, businesses looking to keep workers, customers, and families safe while “turning the dial” toward reopening can now draw on a series of publications to keep them informed of best practices and safety tips.

The brochures include general guidelines for all businesses to follow as well as industry-specific advice, such as for restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, professional offices, farmers, manufacturers, builders, hotel and motel operators, barbers, personal care services and other fields.

“Wisconsin businesses have done a great job in adapting to our state’s Safer at Home order,” Gov. Evers said. “As we begin to ‘turn the dial,’ they need to know how to reopen safely so that employees and customers can feel confident when they return.”

The guides were developed by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in consultation with the Departments of Health Services, Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and Tourism, as well as and industry experts and associations.

“What these guides really aim to do is provide actionable advice for businesses, especially small businesses, as they begin the road back to reopening,” said WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes. “The guides answer basic questions, such as how to handle transactions at cash registers, what to do about merchandise that’s been handled by customers, and how to set up an office using social distancing strategies.”

Some of the general advice for businesses includes:

  • Making sure that employees who are sick don’t come to work
  • Curtailing business travel whenever possible.
  • Promoting telecommuting or other work-from-home arrangements
  • Making sure employees have access to sanitizers and personal protective equipment when appropriate.

Gov. Evers said the reopening of state businesses will continue to be guided by the health care metrics contained in the Badger Bounce Back plan, which include tracking new cases of COVID-19, assessing available medical resources to cope with COVID cases, and ensuring adequate testing and mitigation resources.

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Andrea 22 days ago
We are told if we are sick to stay home. But now we will be staying home with no compensation. On May 4th DWD changed their covid-19 guidelines to exclude unemployment benefits for those sick with or taking care of people sick with coronavirus. People who cannot work because their children are out of school with no child care are also now excluded from benefits. However those receiving pay from an employer through a PPP loan can still file a claim?
GeQur 22 days ago
I am very impressed with our Governor and his thorough handling of this Pandemic. Fact and evidence based guidelines which have provided for the safety of the people in our State. He is on a lifesaving mission. I am grateful for his leadership and determination to stand up against "all" odds. Our court system needs to learn a lesson from him and acknowledge his leadership qualities. He has earned that and more.
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Lawrence GeQur 22 days ago
He just shouts a lot. When you get him shouting, you know you're right.
Our Governor is an educator who uses the metrics of facts and reason.
Not a thing for some.
factsmatter Bassgeye 22 days ago
Please post your statistics that show a 0.01% death rate. Based on Wisconsin DHS the rate is 4.01% (374/9327) Based on CDC the rate is 4.07% (362/8901). And you may not agree with the emergency health measures but you are in the minority having that opinion.
Rommel Bassgeye 22 days ago
If you get Covid19 and die......how many of us will care. You'll just be another statistic.
Kevin Bassgeye 17 days ago
actually we've reached 5 of the 6 standards already -- keep spewing your BS
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