GOP Lawmakers say they could dismiss Evers budget, write their own

NOW: GOP Lawmakers say they could dismiss Evers budget, write their own


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Governor-elect Tony Evers met with Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, for the first time Thursday morning since being elected.

Fitzgerald said the meeting was positive, but he still thinks lawmakers will write their own budget, instead of working off of Evers'.

"I don't want to just fully assume that before the governor-elect introduces the budget that we'll just completely dismiss it, but I'm still assuming that we'll work off of a base budget," Fitzgerald said.

Republicans worry Evers will spend too much money on major parts of the budget like healthcare, education, and roads, but Democrats say the governor writes the budget, not lawmakers.

"People didn't elect Scott Fitzgerald to be governor," State Rep. Daniel Riemer, D-Milwaukee, said. "They didn't elect Robin Vos to be governor. They didn't elect me to be governor. They didn't elect Scott Walker to be governor. They elected Tony Evers to be governor, and they should let him do his job."

Fitzgerald says there are areas they can work together on. He said he is open to Evers idea of cutting income taxes by 10 percent for anyone making up to $100,000 a year.

"With the economy expanding the way it is in Wisconsin, I think that should always be something that's on the table."

Fitzgerald has said it will be more difficult to pass Evers proposed $1.4 billion increase to education or other major spending increases.

"It's going to take Wisconsin in a different direction, and I think Republican lawmakers are concerned about that."

Fitzgerald also said there aren't votes right now to expand BadgerCare, which Evers want to do, but he did not rule it out for the future. 

Republicans will be back at the Capitol in January to hash out specific plans for the budget. Evers will be inaugurated January 7.

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