Google AI helps you practice a job interview

NOW: Google AI helps you practice a job interview

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Nervous about an upcoming job interview? Google has a tool that can help you prepare.

The company launched Interview Warmup, that asks you interview questions and analyzes the results and gives you ideas to improve.

To use it, you need a phone or computer with a microphone enabled. Your answers to each practice question are transcribed in real time so that you can review what you said.

Google says you’ll also be shown patterns detected by machine learning, like job-related terms you use, the words you say most often, and the different talking points you cover.

Many of the questions are geared towards jobs with Google, but there is a section for a "general" interview. Some of the questions are standard ("Tell us a little about yourself"), but others might make you think.

Google plans to add more tools in the future. Be sure to use the upper right dropdown menu and click "Interview Tips" for more ideas from Google on how to ace that next job interview.

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