Good Samaritans help drivers stuck in the snow in Riverwest

NOW: Good Samaritans help drivers stuck in the snow in Riverwest

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – You may have seen it or experienced it yourself, wheels spinning and cars going nowhere in the deep and heavy snow.

It happened to many people in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood.

Eric Piatkowski spent his snow day helping others get out of the slush. From a mail carrier to his neighbors, Eric says it was a busy morning pushing and shoveling. Stuck cars were seen across the area and even on major roads.

CBS 58 spoke with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office who says on snowy days like Tuesday Their patrols double and sometimes triple because of the anticipated influx of calls.

With more than 120 calls for service, the department says more than half are for spin outs and disabled vehicles.

Officials say there are things you should do if you’re ever in an accident or get stuck.

“If they can exit the freeway, we ask that they get off to the nearest exit”, says Catherine Trimboli, Captain of Patrol Division of the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Department. “Then pull over to the side of the call and call 9-1-1. Stay in their vehicles, turn their hazards lights on, and just wait for emergency vehicles to arrive.”

Overall, in these conditions, officials remind you to keep your distance from other vehicles and slow down.

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