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Glad You Asked: How do Master Gardeners start work on their gardens?

It's that time of year to get to work on your garden. How do master gardeners start?

Glad You Asked.

Right now, the Ozaukee Master Gardeners have a lot of 'clean up days,' clearing out leaves and brush and doing a lot of pruning.

"Right now is a great time to start pruning the roses." said master gardener Susie Granzow. "Getting to a point where it's very open. So, you only have maybe 3-5 canes left when you're done. Think of a bowl shape or like if you were holding a basketball. You want it open in the middle so it gets a lot of airflow and it gets a lot of sunshine. And you'd be amazed how like in 3 weeks, how it'll all flesh out, it'll be all full of leaves."

As for planting, our master gardener says to wait.

"For me, I still go by what Mom and Grandma did. Memorial Day weekend. Then you plant."

Watch Sunday on CBS 58 Sunday Morning for a special feature on Susie Granzow and her 5,000+ volunteer hours with the Ozaukee Master Gardeners.

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