Glad You Asked: Do Minnesotans really call it Duck Duck Gray Duck?

Glad You Asked: Do Minnesotans really call it Duck Duck Gray Duck?

(CBS 58) -- A week ago, when the Vikings were playing the Bears on Monday Night Football, the Vikings scored a touchdown and they did this celebration. We saw 'duck duck goose.'

People in Minnesota saw 'duck duck gray duck'. Do Minnesotans really call it 'duck duck gray duck?'

Glad You Asked!

Minnesotans sure do call it 'duck duck gray duck.' The rest of the country, Wisconsin included, calls it 'duck duck goose' including Duck Duck Goose, a kids' consignment shop in Kenosha.

Owner Jennifer Wagner says no one has ever told her the name of her store was wrong, even her customers from Minnesota.

Minnesotans do get to add a fun wrinkle. They can give each person in the circle a color. It might go something like, 'red duck, blue duck, grrrrreen duck...gray duck!'

Six years ago, when Wagner was launching Duck Duck Goose, the business tried to set the duck duck goose world record. They didn't quite make it, it still belongs to a school in Missouri. But perhaps the most definitive argument in favor of duck duck goose, if you search the Guiness Book of World Records for a duck duck gray duck record, there is none.

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