Girls t-ball team's Frozen theme sends empowering message

The phrase \"Let it go\" takes on a whole new meaning in t-ball. But for some moms in Edmond, Oklahoma it was a way to get their daughters to play.

The moms at a dance class were joking that the softball team should be Sparkling Elsas.

They believed every little girl liked Frozen.

They wore turquoise shirts, white pants and turquoise and white tie-die socks this past season.

The team's name was Freeze. Most of the girls were 4 and 5 years old on the 6-and-under league at Edmond All Sports.

Betsy Gregory took on the task of taking the team photo and it has gone viral.

\"Pretend that your brother stole something from you,\" Betsy told the girls, according to Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman.

Betsy told Carlson that being strong and independent are lessons she is trying to teach her daughter, Avery.

\"Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are OK to look a little tough and look a little mean,\" Betsy said to Carlson. \"I've heard words like 'fierce' thrown out.

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