Girl wounded in playground shooting moves leg

MILWAUKEE-Family members tell CBS 58 News that 10 year old Sierra Guyton's leg moved Thursday.

Doctors have scheduled a new round of tests on her brain activity after she was shot in the head a little more than a week ago.

The girl was struck by gunfire between two men on a playground near 28th and Clarke.

News of Guyton's condition came on the same day that one of the alleged gunmen appeared in court.

18 year old Sylvester Akeem Lewis sat in a wheelchair for most of the ten minute proceeding, but then engaged in an angry outburst when asked to sign a no contact order with the victim and witnesses in the case.

Despite his lawyer telling him to calm down, Lewis angrily threw court papers off the defense table.

He yelled two obscene phrases before a team of court officers took him back to the detention rooms in the courthouse.

Defense counsel explained to the court commissioner that Lewis only recently moved out of Milwaukee after the death of his mother and that all he could afford for bail was $1,000.

The commissioner said given the danger posed to children that night and his juvenile record only $250,000 dollars would do.

Here is some of the information that has been released about his juvenile record:

There are two full file folders of incidents dating back to the age of 12 that include operating an owner's car without consent, multiple counts of battery and robbery.

His file also includes a letter from his school indicating that he has a history of hurting others, running away and was enrolled in an anger management program, but failed, and stopped taking his mood balancing medication.

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