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Gigi's Playhouse Milwaukee joins campaign to turn hate speech into kindness

(GRAFTON) Every shift at Grafton's Pick and Save grocery store brings Jacob West one step closer to his ultimate goal.  The 25-year-old has Down syndrome and plans to live alone for the first time in 2019. But while he's known for his bright smile and personality there's a side many haven't seen, pain triggered by words.

“Every time you hear it, it's hard to take in" West says referring to what those in more polite conversation refer to as the "R-word". 

The term has been used less in recent years but there are still places where it has made a return, notably on stages used by comedians with a national spotlight. The issue has motivated thousands of parents of children with disabilities to unite, including a group at Gigi’s Playhouse in Milwaukee. They’re taking a personal pledge to turn hate speech into kindness through Generation G.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning Whitney Martin brought attention to a campaign to replace hurtful words with kindness.

Click here to learn more about the Generation G campaign.

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