Getting A Grip on Winter Driving & Construction

Winter and construction seem to go hand in hand these days, especially with the Zoo Interchange project. So this means you really have to be at the top of your game before getting behind the wheel.

We were able to ride along with a driving instructor in the new Zipper Merge between 68th and 84th Streets along I-94. This is the area where three lanes have been reduced to two, and you're advised to remain in your lane until you have to absolutely make the move. Kathleen Roe of Roe's Premier Driving Academy in Mukwonago says it really doesn't matter what kind of weather you're talking about or the type of road obstacle in your way. Driving defensively, in her opinion, is the best way to go.

Roe also recommends using the three second rule between you and the car ahead of you as a safe distance. Also, she says one of the worst times to be on the road is the morning after a late Packers game. This is when some of us are tired and perhaps hung over. Not a very good combination when it comes to driving.

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