Get Out the Vote campaigns continue in the final week of early voting

NOW: Get Out the Vote campaigns continue in the final week of early voting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There are just nine days until the presidential election, and the vocal push to get people to vote is getting louder.

“If Milwaukee comes out to vote things are going to change," Rev. Greg Lewis, pastor of St. Gabriel's Baptist Church, said.

Before the last week of early voting, pastors with the local “Souls to The Polls” movement kicked off their own campaign.

“We ought to make sure that everybody understands that we need your help no matter what color you are," Lewis, who is also director of Souls to the Polls, said.

Across town, the Trump campaign held a cookout event for Black supporters and voters.

“I’m tired of being labeled as if you’re Black, you have to vote Democrat. I’m tired of it and I feel like the Democrats have held us down," Republican supporter Jessalyn Verdermey, said.

Civil Rights activist Clarence Henderson backed the President’s record, so far.

“When he said to the American public, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can deal with COVID-19, but we’ve also got to keep our economy going," Henderson, who is also a member of the Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board, said.

But other voters feel the former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats will better lead the country.

“I think what Trump has done has been horrific all over the country," Democratic voter Laura Drake said. "Also with the economy, I believe that with the Democrats getting in office it will be much better for working people.”

The last day to early vote in Wisconsin is November 1.

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