"Get My Food and Get my Life!": Police, Firefighters Rescue Family's Christmas Dinner from Fire

On a rainy Christmas afternoon Milwaukee firefighters said the cold and the wind didn't make things any easier for them while fighting fires.

Just after 2 p.m. they got the call about a fire at a two-family building near the intersection of North 35th Street and Concordia Drive.

The flames were so intense when firefighters arrived that they had to use the hoses off their ladder trucks before entering the building, Deputy Chief David Votsis said.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated but the preliminary investigation shows that it may have started in the basement.

No one was injured but the Red Cross is now assisting four adults and six children as they work to find a new place to live.

Shortly after firefighters brought that situation under control they another call about a house fire happening at North 24th Street and West Locust Street.

No one was injured, but there was a rescue.

Milwaukee Police officers and firefighters helped bring out the Christmas Dinner being cooked by Louise Berkeley. They placed several trays directly into the trunk of a relative's car.

"Sure enough I was [cooking]. What's going on? For Christmas dinner...I was making some greens, some chitlins."

Ms. Louise said she lives in the downstairs apartment and didn't know the upstairs neighbors place had caught on fire.

It wasn't until her grandson came in with firefighters that she realized.

She told them...

"Yes! Get my food and get my life!"

Ms. Louise said she's thankful things didn't turn out worse for her and she also said she has a few ways to deal with the stressful holiday.

"I'm being with family. I'm going to get me my food to eat. And sure enough drink some beer."

Despite some smoke and water damage Ms. Louise was expecting to return and stay at her home Sunday night.


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