Get going to the apple orchards while there's still time for picking

NOW: Get going to the apple orchards while there’s still time for picking

We can really start to get in the “fall feel” now October is officially here.  And you know one hot spot this time of the year is the apple orchard.  I spent a little time Monday morning at Basse’s Country Delight Farm Market in Muskego where 25 types of apples are sold.  One of the most popular is the Honeycrisp.  The manager of the store says the taste pleases everyone.  Sweet, tart, crispy, and juicy.  However, because of its popularity and the fact it’s harder to grow, consumers end up spending up to double the price of other apples.

Beside apples, you can find other seasonal fruits and veggies at Basse’s in addition to the apple cider donuts.  On any given weekend, they can make thousands of them.  For more information about this fruit farm, just click here.

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