Germantown police confront man with gun, incident sparks debate

GERMANTOWN, WI--  A man carrying a gun down a busy road Saturday afternoon sparked a rash of 911 calls, and a fiery debate on social media.  

Several witnesses called 911 after seeing a man walking down Mequon Road with a shotgun strapped to his back, and a pistol holstered to his side.  Germantown police confronted the man and asked him a few questions, but found that he wasn't breaking any laws or ordinances, and let him go. 

Germantown Police posted about the incident on Facebook to calm any lingering fears about the man's intentions.  People quickly weighed in on that post, some people thought the police acted resonably by stopping the man, others thought it violated his Second Amendment rights.  The debate got so vulgar and abusive, Germantown Chief of Police Peter Hoell took the post down.  

CBS 58's Bill Walsh has more.   

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