Germantown accident ends in police chase and possible witness intimidation

A two vehicle accident in Germantown on July 6 ended in a witness being threatened by a semi-automatic gun and a police chase. The pursuit was terminated due to speeds and the residential area of the chase.
Germantown Police Department received a 911 emergency call around 10:52 AM reporting a two vehicle accident with possible injuries at the intersection of Division Road and South 145. 
The vehicles involved in the crash were described as a white minivan and black cargo van.
A green compact car and white Ford pickup truck had been in front of the minivan and were already southbound on South 145 before the crash. The two vehicles turned around, and returned to the crash scene. 
The drivers of those vehicles were both described as younger black males.
They then attempted to assist the driver of the minivan from the vehicle.
A witness to the crash attempted to stop the others. The witness feared moving the driver may cause injuries to the driver. At that point one of the subjects displayed a black semi-automatic handgun and told the witness not to interfere. The two subjects then helped the driver from the vehicle. The driver of the minivan was described as a thin black male with dreadlocks.
The driver of the minivan entered the passenger side of the Ford pickup and both vehicles fled the scene.
A short time later the Ford pickup truck was abandoned on South 145 and Pilgrim Rd. The Ford pickup truck was reported stolen in Germantown and was recovered. The occupants of the pickup truck then entered the green compact car and that vehicle proceeded south bound on Pilgrim Rd. 
The vehicle was observed by a Germantown Police Officer on Pilgrim Rd. That officer initiated a pursuit that went into the City of Mequon where he was assisted by officers from that agency.
The pursuit was terminated due to speeds and the residential area of the chase. 
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