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Gas station near 23rd and Fond du Lac shut down for allegedly selling gas mixed with water

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Alderman Russell Stamper is alerting the public after a gas station was shut down in his district for allegedly selling gas mixed with water.

According to Alderman Stamper, state officials received a consumer complaint and sent a state inspector to the gas station near 23rd and Fond du Lac. 

Alderman Stamper says that after conducting tests it was concluded that the tanks on the premises had water in them and the gas station was told it could no longer sell gasoline to the public.

While still early in the investigation, Stamper says it appears the water in the gas is due to the heavy rain from the prior day and that some of the seals on the filling portion of the tank were faulty.

“I’d like to let residents know they can call the state if they were negatively impacted by the gas station. I’m glad this problem is on its way to being resolved,” Alderman Stamper said.

The gas station owner will not be able to sell gas until the issues with the faulty tanks are resolved and tested by the state.

Anyone who feels they have been a victim of this, they're asked to call consumer protection at 608-224-4942 .

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