Funeral services held for murdered Racine firefighter

NOW: Funeral services held for murdered Racine firefighter

RACINE, Wisconsin (CBS 58)-- Mourners gathered in Racine Friday to pay their respects and say goodbye to a firefighter that was killed last month. Christopher Lalor was given full honors, including an escort from dozens of firetrucks.

Dozens of Racine firefighters stood shoulder-to-shoulder at attention as Lalor's casket was driven through town.

Much of the community was stunned by Lalor's murder February 18th. Friday that community said goodbye to a friend, and hero.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Wolf said, "Chris was a very good guy. He was always there if you needed help."

Wolf worked with Lalor for four years. He said Friday was a tough day, but getting together with Lalor's family, police officers, and fellow firefighters from across the state helped. "Every day since this happened, it's on your mind. I don't think we're going to move past it for a long time."

Chief Wolf said it's a tough situation to think about, but community members have offered a lot of support for the department and the Lalor family.

Barbara Evans watched the funeral procession, and said, "It's touched the whole community. When something happens to one, it happens to all of us."

Evans once met Lalor at a community event, and he made quite an impression. She said, "It's like I was meeting someone in my family because he was so genuine."

Chief Wolf says the department is still focused on the job and responding to calls, while also focusing on Christopher Lalor and his memory. "I think about how he would always be laughing at stuff going on at the station, a lot of little one-liners he had. And how much he loved his family. He talked about his family a lot."

In lieu of flowers, the funeral home suggested donations be made to the Racine Fire Bells, a volunteer community organization that focuses on supporting the fire service.

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