Funeral Held for 5-year-old Killed in Hit and Run

Funeral services were held Tuesday for Rickyia Langham, a 5-year-old girl who died in a hit-and-run crash the little girl that died in the crash on November 6th in Milwaukee.

She died holding her mother's hand, and today, Rickyia Langham's family was able to let go.

At the packed service at New Pitts Mortuary, teddy bears were clutched tight.

"She was bright. When I first met her I just loved her. She was an amazing person to know and meet, and it's sad that she's gone, but..." said Mykidia Williams. 

Williams couldn't finish her sentence without shedding tears. 

Family said they'll never forget Rickyia's laugh. Her great uncle will miss joking around with her.

"I would call her Roger and I'm Rickyia, and that would really mess with her. She came to me in a dream and said she was alright and that she's leaving me. She said, 'and my name is Rickyia,'" said Roger Love, her great uncle.

He says Rickyia lived so much in her short life.

"She was just so full of life, like she was here before," said Love.

She was known to have an infectious smile, and she spread it around one last time.

She took her last ride, worthy of a princess, with white horses and a carriage.

"I would just say live your life as full as possible. You don't know when it's over," said Love.

Graceland Cemetery in Milwaukee rang the bells Tuesday afternoon when Rickyia and her processional arrived.

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