Daylight shows damage to Grafton home after devastating fire

NOW: Daylight shows damage to Grafton home after devastating fire


GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- We’re getting a closer look at the aftermath of the massive house fire in Grafton.

From above, Sky Drone 58 shows the magnitude of the damage.

The rural Grafton mansion went up in flames Wednesday evening.

“The towering flames probably 20 or 30 feet over the top of the house, just very scary,” said Fred Walls, a neighbor who lives nearby.

Officials say the fire was accidental. They believe items were left by a bedroom fireplace, which ignited the blaze.

“It sounds like the homeowners took those items and tried to get them out of the house, but didn’t get them all the way out, got them to the window,” said Grafton Fire Chief William Rice. “The strong winds took those burning products and really lit 'em up.”

Fire investigators are looking into what items caused the fire.

Things were only made worse by the lack of fire hydrants in the area, a concern for neighbors.

“It’s scary to think if there’s a fire it’s gonna be a while before there’s a response, and so it’s really given us pause to kinda think of things we can do, as far as fire prevention,” Walls added.

According to a Facebook fundraiser page created by someone who claims to know the family, four people live at the home. All are in need of resources.

“We feel this intense sense of loss. When you’re watching it, you can’t help but feel like this could be us,” Walls said.

According to the fundraiser page, the fire destroyed the main floor and 90-percent of the second story.

No one was injured.

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