Funding extended through August 2019 for bus routes to suburbs

NOW: Funding extended through August 2019 for bus routes to suburbs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Hundreds of Milwaukeeans who have jobs in the suburbs will not have to worry about losing their bus service at the end of the year.

Funding for two Milwaukee County Transit System routes, Number 6 and 61, also known as the JobLines was supposed to run out at the end of the year. Now it won't.

"I want folks to know, when you get active, when you get out, when you talk to us, especially the legislative branch, which is the closest to the people, your voices can be heard," said Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic.

County Board members announced that they've found funding sources that will keep the JobLines running at least through next August.

The buses take people from Milwaukee County to Waukesha and Washington Counties, giving them access to jobs they might not otherwise be able to reach.

Board Chairman Theo Lipscomb says about 800 people ride those buses every day during the week and if the service goes away they'd have to find new ways to get to work.

"Those employers have an equal need. This isn't just workers who need transportation, those employers need workers and this is a solution for both," Lipscomb said.

The funding announced Wednesday is only a temporary fix. Leaders will have to come up with another way to pay for the buses after that.

Theo Lipscomb says he'll reach out to the Waukesha County Board Chairman to see if they'll support the service.

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