Full Disclosure a Home Buyer's Guide

The Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors said January this year had 14% more sales than compared with last.

But when you do your research on a property are you getting the whole story?

Take this one for example recently sold in Milwaukee and now occupied by a happy family.

Realtor Jack Smith knows the ins and outs of buying a home.

After all, he has been doing it for 30 years.

He said being fully informed is an important part of the purchase process.

Before you become interested in a home and go through the buying process there are things that you have the right to know.

But what if someone died or a crime, like a murder, happened in the home you're about to buy?

Did you know that doesn't always have to be disclosed?

However, the current owner does have to disclose, and it's your right to know, anything that is adverse in material.

You can learn a lot about the home with an inspection.

Inspectors look at everything floor to ceiling wall to wall and will tell you what's expected, what's normal and what's not normal.

A red flag to watch for is, believe it or not, a freshly painted basement. The paint may hide cracks or water stains related to a serious issue.

You also have the right to know about the neighborhood.

Make sure the proper permits were taken out for everything.

Your agent can help you with that.

Talk to the people next door they can tell you what they know about the home and you might even decide they're not someone you'll want to live next to.

Bottom line, if you're selling your home, both Scott Bush and Jack Smith agree it's better to be open.

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