Fried Chicken candle? Kentucky company serving up scents

Who won't get hungry remembering the smell of the fried chicken cooking on your mama's stove?

While it'll make many people salivate, especially if she knew how to cook fried chicken well, it doesn't sound like the smell of a lovely candle.

But it gets weirder.

The Fried Chicken candle is part of the latest batch of \"Scents of the Commonwealth\" candles that a Kentucky company will sell online starting Friday.

Kentucky for Kentucky, a small company with attitude in Lexington, claims to be obsessed with sharing the awesomeness of the state its founders call home. \"Kentucky Kicks Ass\" is its slogan, not be confused with the official Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism's \"Unbridled Spirit\" slogan.

Kentucky candle maker Kathy Werking is behind the return of the Fried Chicken and Mint Julep candles, along with the new Double Down candle and Hot Brown candles.

The Mint Julip candle has \"subtle vanilla-bourbon and mint aroma.\" The Double Down candle is reminiscent of the KFC sandwich, combining the Fried Chicken candle mixed with bacon. Yum? The Hot Brown candle is inspired by the Brown Hotel's open-faced turkey sandwich with bacon and Mornay sauce.

There will only be 25 candles in each scent.

If candles that smell like food aren't to your liking, the company pairs with local artisans to sell their wares. Some of our favorites are the \"Y'ALL\" T-shirts (you see 'Y'ALL,' you think 'YALE,' then do a double-take) and Derby Days prints.

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