Friday Night Live in Jeopardy

It’s a summer staple for many people in Waukesha. Friday Night Live is an outdoor party that brings thousands to the downtown area each summer. The event has been going on for 15 years. But this year a new proposal may cancel the event. The permit for the event will go from $150 for the entire summer to about $6300, and possibly more.

The city’s proposal would charge $50 for each block that organizers want to shut down, and that price would be charged for each of the 18 weeks of Friday Night Live.

Alderman Aaron Perry proposed the increase as a way to help pay for the costs that come with shutting down a street, such as overtime pay for police officers. Perry also says that the proposal has nothing to do with a particular event.

Local businesses are hoping word gets out before the proposal is final. The issue is expected to be discussed further at Waukesha’s next committee meeting, which is set to take place on Monday, March 21st.

CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield covered this story. For questions, ideas or news tips please email [email protected] or send message to @CBS58AMANDA. 

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