Freighter sitting outside Milwaukee Harbor, supposed to leave Wednesday afternoon

A freighter has been parked just outside of the Milwaukee Harbor for more than a week. If you've been near the lakefront, you might have noticed it anchored just outside the break wall. The \"Lugano\" came into the Port of Milwaukee May 15 carrying 15 metric tons of barley. It unloaded it and left May 25. But it had no where to go so the crew and ship anchored outside Milwaukee waiting for the next assignment.

\"There's 19 to 20 people on board,\" Port of Milwaukee Harbor Master Wayne Johnson. \"They'll do vessel maintenance, watch TV, play video games. Do some painting or whatever, wait for their load. It piqued a lot of interest to get people down to the lake and look out at the water. They actually pique the interest in what the Port does. We're here 24-7 all year round.\"

Johnson says it's supposed leave Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon and head to Quebec, Canada. After that, Johnson says it'll head to Europe.

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