Free Stickers Being Placed on Downtown Parking Signs

The Downtown Neighbors Association of Milwaukee is placing stickers on parking signs to point out that parking is free on Saturdays in two-hour time zones.

Although parking is free on Saturdays in two-hour time zones and all day on Sundays.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association said parking signs do not clearly convey this message.  

The solution: DNA-MKE, in partnership with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, has designed and

produced 2,000 stickers that read “FREE”, which the City has installed on parking signs throughout the downtown

area to clarify that there is no charge for metered, on-street parking on Saturdays.

“My wife and I often walk downtown. On Saturdays, it’s impossible not to see people putting money into parking

meters or staring at the signs trying to figure out if they should. With this simple change, residents, business

patrons and all downtown visitors will now know that parking on Saturday is free. That’s another good reason to

spend some time downtown," said Claude Krawczyk, DNA MKE President.

“When DNA-MKE neighbors talked to me about this idea, I thought it made a lot of sense,” said fourth District Alderman Robert Bauman. “I have frequently seen downtown visitors plug meters on Saturdays when they did not have to do

so. I took the ‘FREE stickers’ idea to DPW and encouraged them to implement this project. I am pleased that this

public-private collaboration has come to pass, and I’m confident that this solution will mean less parking confusion

and more ‘free’ downtown visits.”

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