Free steering wheel locks offered to Shorewood residents with Kia, Hyundai model vehicles

Updated: 06/16/2021 09:12 AM

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Shorewood police say they have run out of steering wheel locks and will order more. They will update the community when the locks become available again. 

Published: 06/15/2021 10:00 AM

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Shorewood police say there's been an uptick in vehicle thefts this year. 

According to police, there have been 22 vehicles stolen since January 2021. Of those 22 stolen, 18 of the vehicles have either been a Kia or Hyundai model. 

To help deter the thefts, the police department is offering steering wheel locks to Shorewood residents that own a Kia model vehicle, years 2011 to 2021, or Hyundai models, years 2015 to 2021. 

If you need a steering wheel lock for a different vehicle, the department encourages you to give them a call. 

You can pick up the locks at the Shorewood Police Department, located at 4057 North Wilson Drive. Proof of vehicle ownership and proof of residency is needed.

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